4 Simple Ways To Develop A Responsive Mailing List

Many internet marketing programs abound and you’ve probably participated in at least one or a few of them. They encourage you to try many different strategies and tactics, and of course these all go toward making a good composite. However, the most important thing you really need to give attention to is compiling a reliable mailing list which will convert into profitable leads.

Once you’ve obtained the name and email address of a prospect, you’re well on your way to building a relationship. You’ll have the ability to connect with them as often as you feel is necessary.

Your strategy? Permission based or opt-in marketing, where you’ll basically ask your potential client for their permission to sign up or subscribe to whatever forms of promotional media you have to offer.

That being said, how do you get to that point where you have a fruitful list that generates revenue for you? Here are four simple approaches you can use to get you there.

  1. Ensure that the majority of your website visitors come there and stay. You really don’t want your visitors coming and just having a cursory glance. You need to have a lead capture mechanism or some kind of offer in place which will encourage them to sign up or leave their information for your mailing list.   Make it professional and brief so they don’t have to think twice about opting in.
  2. Reward your site visitors with a free value added giveaway to sweeten the deal. Your visitors must have come to your site because they were looking for something they thought your business may have to offer them. Why not give them a reward that’ll make them feel that the time they’ve spent on your page is worthwhile and consider giving you their information? You can approach the giveaway by either making it available right away by means of a download, or, you could send it to them in your very first email. This gives you another opportunity to extend courtesy and thank them for subscribing, then allowing them to access the giveaway. Ensure that the giveaway was worth waiting for as this will foster good interactions and boost your credibility with them.
  3. Enlist the services of an email marketing firm. This option opens up a large door of opportunity for you to get your hands on some detailed information you may not have been able to obtain otherwise. They’ll help you develop an alluring and highly professional lead capture page, to ensure that your traffic doesn’t vanish into thin air.  They’ll also ensure that your numerous emails get to your prospects and that you can monitor and analyze the results of these efforts.

You’ll get to interpret results such as:

  • Which emails have actually been delivered and those which haven’t.
  • Who actually took the time to open them.
  • Who went further to follow through by clicking on links you included in the email.
  • Look at your various website pages to determine which one or ones are converting best for you.

All of this information will help you to strategise better and make improvements where they’re needed.

  1. Maintain the trust of your potential clients by maintaining their privacy. You’ll be able to do this by ensuring that you don’t sell or trade their information to other vendors which may result in them getting a lot of unwanted emails. The moment they realize that you are the source of the spam, that’s the end of the relationship. You also want to ensure that right from the start you’re offering a quality service or product, so that your prospective clients will want to engage your business beyond a free offer.

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