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Scott was raised to be a traditionalist by both his father and grandfather while he was a young boy growing up in Dallas, Texas. His father worked in the National Weather Service, and both he and his grandfather quickly became the two most important people of his youth. He is very grateful for the influence they had on him, and it was thanks to their teachings that he could become the kind and compassionate man he is today.


As time moved forward, Scott soon developed a deep passion for starting up his very own business. What started as a hobby years ago, it slowly grew into a bigger business and, with his wife at his side, it became the digital marketing company it is today. With 20 years of being in the online marketing field, Scott has continued to carry out his goal by utilizing and sharing his vast knowledge of digital marketing, SEO and website design to contribute to the success of his clients, from small local businesses to large corporations, who entrusted him with their online marketing.


With Scott’s extensive experience in the digital marketing industry and in running his own successful business, Scott has become fond of individuals who share his values and interests. He believes that true business success is best achieved when people can work together harmoniously.


He appreciates the times when the world was more organic and natural, and when anyone could speak their mind and express their opinion on certain matters without any concern. Scott values open communication, both face to face or in person, while welcoming honesty, positivity, and opinions from anyone that feels strongly about a subject.


Scott believes that no one should ever over-promise anything to anyone and strongly believes in fairness and equality. Acting as a role model, he has continued to show how these important values are applied in the business world as well as in the day-to-day life to his son and daughters.


Hard working, dedicated, and success-driven, Scott Crawford promises to deliver his best at all times when he expertly guides you through the complex process of making your business grow and flourish in this competitive world.


Scott is based in Saint Paul, Texas, north of Dallas. If you are interested in improving or starting up your business’ online presence, and you require a reliable digital marketing professional who is both exceptionally qualified and determined to help you meet your goals, then be sure to contact Scott and 

get a FREE no-obligation quote on your project today.


A little more about Scott

Did you know that Scott played softball for over 28 years? He also owns an off-road highly-modified Jeep for that extra fun on weekends! On a more serious note, he is passionate about constantly staying updated on the latest SEO techniques. He often spends his time listening and considering new ideas and concepts that are trending in the digital marketing world. Scott is a fan of WordPress and is active on a variety of social media channels.