Common Conversion Pitfalls Every Entrepreneur Should Know

One of the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs regarding their websites is how to get them to convert. You may have a website that you believe is click worthy and may even have a product or service that should drive traffic. So why aren’t you getting the results you expect?
The challenge is that there are many websites which may already exist in your niche. In fact, new ones are being developed everyday which makes the competition that much harder. Despite the nature of the internet landscape, there are things that you need to do and definitely pitfalls to avoid to not edge yourself out of the competition.

Many website owners fall prey to certain practices which contribute to their sites dying an inevitable death. Your approach to managing your website is very important if you’re to achieve your business objectives.
Learn about the common pitfalls to avoid if you want your online business to grow and thrive.
Pitfall #1-You’ve created a website which you rarely give attention to.
If you neglect your website by not adding new information on a regular basis, it is guaranteed that your website will not rank well. Low rankings mean lower visibility and also significantly reduced page hits.
If you update the content of your website regularly you will attract more readers and have loyal followers of your site. You’ll definitely rank better with search engines and generate the kind of traffic that you’re trying to target.
Pitfall #2-The layout of your website is not reader friendly.
If your website doesn’t have a clean layout which makes it easy for your visitors to get information, you’ll lose visitors. Arranging the various elements of your web pages in a clear and organized way encourages prolonged browsing of your site and also purchases.
Pitfall #3-You have content on your site that’s totally unrelated to your product or service.
This is a definite turn off and a sure fire way of driving traffic away from your site. Your prospective clients would’ve come to your site looking for something specific to fill their needs. Put yourself in their shoes, if that happened to you, chances are that would be your first and final visit to that site.
Your content MUST be relevant to the audience you’re trying to target. It must also be of the highest quality to encourage a profitable exchange between you and your clients.
Pitfall #4-You’ve overloaded your web pages with ads coaxing your visitors to make a purchase.
While this is your ultimate aim, you don’t want to overdo it. Allow your readers to find out about the products or services your site offers and be convinced of the quality, before you bombard them with buy it now buttons.
Ensure that you’re using ads in a smart way which will not be a turn off for your site visitors, and negatively impact your sales and reputation.
Pitfall #5-The appearance of your website is hard on the eyes.
You want to create a website which has content that’s easy to read and equally easy to see. This means taking into consideration the mix of colours you choose to use for the background as well as the font. If you’re at a loss as to how to combine colours, a little quick research into colour theory can help to point you in the right direction.
When you steer clear of these pitfalls, you create an overall more pleasant experience for your website visitors and will be more likely to see the benefits as your conversion rates increase.

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