How To Manage Your Website Traffic To Guarantee Revenue

If you have a website that draws a lot of traffic but the conversion is not reciprocated, you may need to look more closely at why your website doesn’t generate the leads you’re looking for. It may be that your site isn’t designed to capture lead generating information and you’ll definitely need to address that if you want to earn from those leads.

In order to have a fruitful payoff, you may want to offer some free information to your site visitors in exchange for their contact details. This will allow you to further engage with your prospective clients by other means to foster a future profitable relationship, which will result in a sale. Free offers which are of value to them always sweeten the deal.

How Can You Gauge The Effectiveness Of Your Website’s Lead Generation Tools?

The method you use to determine how well your lead generation tools are working for your website, will be dependent on the mode of enquiry selected by your prospective clients. Just be prepared to view them as investments.

If your potential client has chosen a method of telephone follow up, there are systems in place which will help you monitor the information. You’ll be able to find out where and how they heard about your business. This will also help you to see which of your marketing methods are yielding good results and which ones may need to be abandoned or improved.

If you’re using some of Google’s analytical tools, like Adwords for example, this will help you to see which of your ads and keyword usage are giving you the best conversion rates. This puts you in line to really raise the standard of your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics also provides you with a lot more targeted information that you can use to increase the profitability of your website.

Your marketing budget will determine the types of methods that you’ll be able to avail yourself of, to generate revenue through your website. The key is to use measurable parameters to keep track of your conversion rates and invest the time and funds into what works for you.

Page Design To Boost Conversion

If you’re sure that the traffic being generated to your website are targeted prospects, then you definitely need to ensure that your web pages are set up to facilitate conversion. Before that can happen though, your website must have a clear, professional and reader friendly design, which makes visitors want to navigate further or stick around to view more in depth what your business provides.

Make your contact information easily accessible, and your products or services clear so that your prospects will easily see that this is the site they want to be on.

In this day and age of increased usage of the internet via mobile means, your site also needs to translate well on mobile devices, so that you can gain solid profits despite the avenue of viewing.

It would also be useful to have a section for previous client testimonies so that your prospective clients will have a greater basis for confidence to do business with you. Any features of your website which you think will improve your chances of conversion need to be addressed to keep your business viable and growing.

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