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Local SEO and Google My Business (GMB)

Local SEO is a service that focuses on the optimization of the placement of your business on the local Google Maps results for a specific geographical area, allowing local customers to easily find your business phone number, address, and other important information like operating hours, website address and more. This optimization is performed using a variety of SEO techniques, but Google itself offers one of the main tools used for this step through the free Google My Business registration service. Through the GMB registration service, we can allow your business to appear on Google Maps for local Google searches. Our team can help you with Google My Business setup and verification, which can include registering a brand-new business or correcting data of a business that may already have been registered with GMB in the past but that no longer shows correct contact information. It is important to relay accurate information for potential customers and to properly verify your business with Google to help you achieve local online search exposure.


Citation Building

Citation building is one of the lesser known services that are critical for proper Local SEO optimization. Citation building is a service that focuses on the slow and manual process of adding your business name, address, phone number and website address across third-party websites and business directories so that they all match the one you have listed on Google My Business. It allows Google to verify that your business is indeed your business, and your contact information is indeed correct. Google eventually rewards you with higher Local SEO placement!


Link Building

Our link building service is designed to help you rank higher on search engines as well as provide a considerable increase in website traffic through smart backlink strategies. All our link building techniques focus on placing links in strategic locations, both on third-party websites as well as carefully planned internal linking placements. The more reputable the websites where the links come from (and that are directed to your website) the more Google believes that your website is an authoritative and trustworthy site that is worth promoting in their organic search. This, in turn, will trigger changes within the Google search algorithm that will boost your website up in the rankings, often overcoming competitors who might not have optimized their linking campaigns strategically. When you rank higher on Google, you’ll drive more visitors and business to your website.



Web Development

Need some help getting your website up to date? Or perhaps you just completed an entire re-branding of your business, and your website only needs to catch up to the times? Or maybe all that your website needs is some TLC and some optimization before it can become a powerful internet marketing tool. The problem is that most business owners don’t know where to start, and they entrust young designers and coders with their new website. While young designers and coders are great at what they do, they rarely know much about marketing! Let us make a professional online marketing plan on how we can build a website for your business that consistently delivers new customers and grows your online exposure. Thanks to our experienced marketing team with extensive knowledge of website development and the powerful WordPress Content Management System, we can create an engaging, SEO-optimized, business website that generates real business for you.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

Running online advertisements across reliable, high-traffic and trustworthy advertising networks is one of the best ways to get your business noticed fast. Our professional PPC service involves building and managing PPC advertisements across various networks to promote your business to potential clients that are interested in your specific services or product. While we are certified Google Partners and we specialize in Google PPC programs and Facebook Ads, we can also run ads across valuable platforms such as Bing, Instagram, and other popular networks to target your specific audience and bring you new business! The best thing? You can be up and online with an active PPC campaign in as little as a few days.



Social Media Management

Have more time to run your business and let us take care of your social media online presence with our social media management service. We understand it can be a hassle to run a business while keeping your business’ social media accounts active and producing posts that are interesting to social media users, which is why hiring us to do this can make things a breeze for you! Our social media management service includes managing all of your social media platforms and staying consistent with posts and announcements across the various networks. Our service also includes writing, editing, and promoting each published post to drive interest across the various social networks. Our social media marketing strategies ultimately drive traffic to your site and provide exposure to your business.


Content Marketing

Providing consistent quality content while also marketing it across the web and social media channels will make your website and business more relevant. Your website can become a source of valuable information for consumers and businesses alike, generating considerable traffic. Our content marketing service specialists will ensure that search engines will recognize all material produced on your site to help you rank higher for targeted keywords that will directly benefit your business.


Lead Generation

Attract new and ideal customers with our lead generation strategies. Whether directly from your website or through ads or social media marketing tools, we can build a valuable contact list of potential customers. Through marketing automation, we can send out smartly crafted email sequences to invite new leads to learn more about your products and services and ultimately guide them to purchase from you and become repeat customers.