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  • Using Snapchat For Ad Targeting
    At this point, if you are over the age of 29, you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is Snapchat???” While you’ve probably heard of it, you may still not know exactly how it works.   And, with most of its users being Millennials and teens, it’s easy to understand why. Although it’s expanded quite a bit since its initial launch less than […]
  • Image SEO Can Spell Success For Your Business
    We all know the old cliché, “A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words.”  From the oldest cave paintings and Egyptian hieroglyphs to today’s social media shares, we are consistently finding new ways to use images to communicate, tell stories, and make sales. When it comes to e-commerce, companies like Amazon owe a large part of their successes to […]
  • How To Use Social Media Influencer Marketing For Your Business
    Word-of-mouth, one of the most priceless forms of marketing out there. 20-50% of all purchasing decisions are made from it. Potential customers are more likely to be responsive to endorsements from a person they respect than to ads or other marketing messages. In the new world of digital relationships, word of mouth extends beyond information from […]
  • What is Fulfilment by Amazon?
    Most of us know by now that Amazon is the largest online retailer. People often go directly to Amazon when considering a purchase before searching anywhere else. And, when they do implement a search, as on Google, Amazon is usually the top-ranking search result. Now try to imagine coming up with a marketing campaign to o compete with that. The […]
  • Grow Your Business By Hiring a Virtual Assistant
    We are firmly entrenched within the era of the Digital Age.  Thanks to the Internet, more and more of us are finding ways to make our work time and our leisure time easier and more accessible. We are also using it to work less and play more.  One way the Internet assisted the dream of working less and playing more is the conception of the Virtual […]
  • Boost Your Conversion Rate In a Few Easy Steps
    Here are some Simple Tactics To Amp Up Your Conversion Rate Do Not Create A Website Then Just Neglect It -Just leaving a website to be on its own is a sure fire way of throwing your investment down the drain. Your potential earnings will also go right along with it.  Make Your Website More Appealing. There are simple things you can do on your own […]
  • Common Conversion Pitfalls Every Entrepreneur Should Know
    One of the biggest concerns for entrepreneurs regarding their websites is how to get them to convert. You may have a website that you believe is click worthy and may even have a product or service that should drive traffic. So why aren’t you getting the results you expect? The challenge is that there are many websites which may already exist in […]
  • How To Manage Your Website Traffic To Guarantee Revenue
    If you have a website that draws a lot of traffic but the conversion is not reciprocated, you may need to look more closely at why your website doesn’t generate the leads you’re looking for. It may be that your site isn’t designed to capture lead generating information and you’ll definitely need to address that if you want to earn from those […]